Aim of  METCHEM’s environmental policy is to ensure that all activities are focused on  effective and efficient service for our Customers,  in parallel to limit of our footprint on the environmental elements in which the Company operates in Wadowice.

Aiming to produce quality products, simultaneously we want to minimize negative impact on the environment.
To meet this goal, we will relay on the principles of our environmental management system. To ensure this we declare:

  • to minimize influence on surrounding environment connected with operation of the plant, in particular, destruction of the surrounding biocenosis, generation of energy waste and consumption of energy utilities, including drinking water,
  • continuous improvement of technological processes and modernization of devices leading to reduction of harmful impact on the environment,
  • prevention of unnecessary influence on the environment,
  • training and motivating our staff in order to learn about and reduce negative impact on the environment,
  • control of the environment conditions,
  • compliance with legal and other environmental protection requirements connected with activities carried out by the Company,
  • continuous improvement of our portfolio and quality of our service.

Above provisions are fulfilled by each employee of the Company and it is available to the public and updated when necessary.

certificate ISO14001-2018 EN

certificate ISO14001-2018 PL